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i think every other car is out to get me for some reason!!! - Jon
i think every other car is out to get me for some reason!!!
i have been commuting to crafton hills college for almost 2 semester's and well it seems like most people are trying to kill me when i'm on the highway. every time I'm on that damn 30 every fucking speedy car is going like 90 or 80 and well that kinda pisses me off..why you may ask? well I'll tell you why every time they have to slow down they come really close to hitting or my favorite running me off the god damn road. and what's pissing me off if it's always a fucking truck that doing this to me or a rice rocket. but something really made me realize that almost every one on the road i very very VERY FUCKING impatient. today on the 30 freeway i was coming up to the off ramp that takes me right to crafton hills and this sliver mustang cuts trying to pass a truck and thank god it didn't hit me, but it did ram (and i mean like a serous hit) into a black mustang: sending part's flying every where all over the place and the shitty part is the damn idiot was right in front of me, and i had a fun time dodging all the part's that were flying at me, and amazingly my car didn't have a single mark on it, yes I'm not kidding i dodged all that stuff you can ask Kyle he'll tell ya. also from what Kyle told me i could have lost my elbow, because what he told me was one of the part's got close to my side of the car and almost got me in the elbow. well this is another close call for me and my driving career.....YAY!!...not really. but damn people have a little bit more sense when driving.

the moral of this experience is........in heavy traffic don't try to out run a truck you will not make it to the next lane safely

Current Mood: angry angry

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